28 Day Fitness Program! (Fitazfk)


SO I am going to Paris at the end of the month, so why not lose some weight before I gain it all back by eating bread, bread, and MORE BREAD *squeals*. Summer is also around the corner in Canada, so fitness becomes a bigger priority for me. If you read some of my earlier blog posts, you will know that I’ve been on a weight loss journey since August 2016. My starting weight was a whopping 236lbs (or 107kg).  Note: I am 6’1 so I was able to wear it well, but at my heaviest, I began to feel and look very unhealthy.

I opted for my usual gym routine which consisted of 3-4 days of both strength training and cardio, but slowly realized that I was hitting a plateau and have been for a while. My current weight is 204lbs, and I’m just DYING to get out of the 200 pounds club. I know it’s just a number on the scale and it’s about how clothes fit, but a girl can dream.

My sister actually discovered the Fitazfk program through Youtube and Instagram bloggers and has made it her plan to get my mother and I on board! The program runs for 28 days and the workouts are just under 30 minutes.

There are 3 phases in the program:

-Cleanse (probably the most difficult phase)

-Re-instate and Engage

-Balanced Nutrition

I just finished Day 1 and I feel great! The meal options aren’t too scary, and the workouts have 3 levels so it is beginner friendly.

For more information go to their website: http://www.fitazfk.com

Pressure to be perfect: Instagram Models


The women pictured above are beautiful, fit, financially stable, successful, and Instagram famous. I religiously scroll through their pages to admire their style, Instagram aesthetics, and bodies of steel. At first it was a way for me to hit the gym,  however the visual motivation worked…for about a month. The scrolling slowly became obsessive; not of the celebrity-stalker-creep variety, but the “I want to look like her, I wish I had her boobs, butt, thighs, hair, lifestyle, financial freedom…” variety. For most women, this is typical behaviour; society has flooded us with messages to improve this! lose this! eat this! It takes A LOT of work to feel genuinely happy with what we are born with. The advent of social media has amplified this notion to the point where I feel impatient to reach certain goals and milestones. It has amplified the need to look a certain way, and to market and present my social media pages a certain way as well.

I’m 24 and still in school, I work 2 part-time jobs, and I have started to model on the side. These women are in their early to mid twenties and thriving. I obviously don’t have a microscopic view into their personal lives, but by the looks of it, they are living their dreams and passions (and looking damn good while doing so). A close friend had a similar issue; she would follow and almost idolize these social media giants only to feel even more insecure and de-motivated. She ended up unfollowing them and following pages that inspired her personal goals. I still follow these lovely ladies, but have toned down heavily on the comparing and whining. Everyone has their time, mine will come and like the old saying goes-enjoy and learn from your journey.

What are your thoughts on social media insecurities? Do you have any?



Weight Loss Journey (so far)


Proud moment:

I have officially lost 25lbs! ( 11.5kg). I am currently at 209-211lbs and want to reach my goal of 187lbs in the next 6 months. It was a very slow process, but very worthwhile. I have always been the athletic type; In South Africa, I grew up playing Soccer, Tennis, and I was also a long jumper/track athlete. I’m tall but was extremely toned and slender. My move to Canada in 2009 changed a lot of things, I stopped playing sports completely, and slowly gained about 30lbs over a span of two years. I never noticed it until I tried on jeans that were my “initial” size which evidently, would not even get past my thighs.

Stress from the move, picking universities, and never making time to workout made the weight gain more evident. By the time I was in my third year of Uni, I gained 30 more pounds and went from 190lbs to 220lbs. I wasn’t doing very well at school, my best friend was dying, and I was dating the most terrible human being (that is another blog post in itself HA). Last year, I was at my heaviest, a whopping 236lbs! I only realized this after my trip to Cuba with my family that August. I looked back to pictures and a video I had put together, and saw just how much weight I put on. I felt disgusted, but also motivated to make a lifestyle change. For now I workout about 3 times a week, but the most important change for me has been the food. I loveeeeeeeee food, but that love came with grave consequences. Ask me to jog for an hour, do 100 squats, dance till I pass out- I’m your gal. However, ask me to eat a salad instead of a cheese burger, or Greek yogurt instead of vanilla ice-cream?….*crickets*.

I will probably do another post on exactly what I did to lose the weight but in a nutshell it was:

Portion sizes

Food choices

WATER AND GREEN TEA (no juice, no soda, sometimes milk)

Cheat meals (don’t go overboard!)

Cutting down on refined sugars/sugar in general

Cutting down my carb intake (huge one!)

What are your weight loss tips and tricks?